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Business growth

Taking New Ideas Forward

Gain access to most recent business
financing information and funding
support opportunities through Interspace.

Grow your business with the assistance
and opportunities only available
throughout Edinburgh, the small
business capital.

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Building Blocks of Success

Find yourself or your business at the
epicentre of industry talent. Work in
collaboration with others or simply
share in a modern working environment.

The range of tech and creative
workspace venues available through
Interspace can provide you with
much more than a place of work.

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Exciting Opportunities

Work alongside other talented
individuals on ground-breaking
projects or expand your business’
scope through great networking

Be the first to know about local
business events and training to
develop your business prospects.

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Starting Your Own Business in Edinburgh

A Step Up in Business Start-up Assistance

Interspace is an Edinburgh Council funded initiative aimed at providing the right environment to allow new start-up businesses and SMEs to flourish in what is one of the UK’s top cities for small business growth and nurturing.

We are all about embracing ingenuity and collaboration  and by introducing new businesses to the available services and venues in Edinburgh we aim to make the city the definitive capital for new business growth.

Why Choose Edinburgh?

Find Office/Studio Space in Edinburgh

Working in association with a host of stakeholder venues, business outreach programmes and allied service offices and incubator facilities, we provide the platform, information and access to services that can allow a great business idea to become the foundation of a successfully trading company.

View our full list of serviced office space options available in Edinburgh here and find the right space for you to grow your business:

Browse Office/Studio Space

Helping You Find Your Feet in Business

In addition to providing access to collaborative office space we also provide the necessary tools to get started. Working in association with Business Gateway allows us to offer the means and information to start out the right way.

  • Gain access to financial support and funding through our affiliated business supporters like Business Gateway
  • Find the most up-to-date business support materials
  • Collaborate and grow through business networking groups
  • Access free training and business development tools
  • Find out about the latest news and events for small businesses hosted in Edinburgh
  • Gain access to the latest job and internship postings
  • Find the perfect office space through our tailored search

Edinburgh is setting the standards for supporting and nurturing small businesses and through our initiative we are looking to make your small business into the next big thing. If you are at the early stages of starting your own business or are looking to expand but don’t know the best way forward, our information service providers are on hand to ensure you have the strongest backing to mature your business in Edinburgh.

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