“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”Sigmund Freud

Cookies & Privacy Policy

Maintaining Your Privacy

Interspace will never share your private and personal information with any third party. Your email and any other contact details that you choose to provide to us will only ever be utilised for private correspondence with you and only at your request.

How We Use Your Details

Your personal details such as your name, email address, telephone number, etc. will only be recorded if you choose to provide them to us directly (such as via our contact form). This information will only be used to correspond with you at your request and is only retained for accurate record keeping.

Securing Your Privacy

Your personal privacy and the security of any information that you provide is of critical importance to us. As such we put a variety of safeguards in place to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of said information. These include strict adherence to online data protection standards and EU privacy directives using suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures.

Our Use of Cookies

By using the Interspace website you are agreeing to allow the website to store cookies on your browser. This simply allows the site to store a small amount of data on your browser so that it can remember your previous activity on the website and provide a more efficient browsing experience.

Turning off Cookies

Browser cookies cannot carry any form of viruses or malware, but you can still turn off cookies in your browser if you prefer. This will ensure that no browsing data is stored but as a result could make the website less effectively tailored for your personal use.

The links below detail how to turn off cookies in some of the most common browsers: