“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”Thomas Edison

Business Growth

Finding Your Business Feet in Edinburgh

In recent years Edinburgh has established itself as one of the UK’s leaders in the successful growth of small businesses, SMEs and start-ups. Several of these companies, such as Skyscanner, Freeagent and several others, have gone on to become multinational companies with offices across Europe.

It is no coincidence that Edinburgh has these success stories as well as some spectacular shared office space opportunities. “Tall oak trees from little acorns grow” and like an acorn a start-up business needs to be nurtured.

Invest in Success

One reason for Edinburgh’s reputation as a flourishing business hub is down to investment. Thanks to a collaborative venture involving the City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh College, The European Development Fund, ECCi, The Business Gateway and fantastic supporting venues and organisations the infrastructure to support and build small businesses has been put in place.

This approach has attracted businesses from all over the UK who seek the support, the opportunity for collaboration and affordable office space to grow in the best possible modern environment for small businesses. This in turn has boosted Edinburgh’s economic profile and ability to further cement its modern status as a bustling business centre.

At Interspace our purpose is to bring your business together with all of these opportunities and supporting organisations. We aim to help your business towards being the next great Edinburgh success story.

Find out about available office space in a supporting venue, the opportunities and events in the city or the funding and finance information available to get underway.