“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”Ronald Reagan

Business Support Services

Find Support for Your New Business in Edinburgh

Be awesome business posterHere we provide access to the scope of services and information available to both businesses and individuals looking to either kick-start a new business or become part of an existing one.

The objective of Interspace is to put individuals and businesses in touch with the venues, services and small business opportunities available to them throughout Edinburgh and even the UK. Extensive funding initiatives and an integrated approach towards business has made Edinburgh stand out as a hub for burgeoning businesses.

By bringing together all of the top start-up venues, university affiliates and support services, Interspace provide a hub for small business resources, support and information.

Our Small Business Opportunities

Small Business Support
Gain access to an assortment of business support resources. Gain insight into business infrastructure, development and opportunities to enhance your business' potential.
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Funding & Finance Services
Find start-up and small business funding opportunities available only through Interspace. Apply for funding initiatives through Edinburgh’s governing bodies or develop contacts with potential business investors.
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Business Networking Groups
Find venues and events that will allow your business to network and develop as a brand. Create ties with experienced and influential entrepreneurs or collaborate with other ambitious start-ups on expansive projects.
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Networking Events
Attend events that can improve your business acumen or enhance your staff’s skill sets. Get access to a range of hosted events via the plethora of stakeholder venues from university funded courses to arts exhibitions.
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Business Development Training
Take advantage of the range of funded training opportunities available through the associated universities and venues throughout Edinburgh. Receive business training and direction from venue appointed professionals or participate in funded training schemes designed to give individuals the means to develop their own business and ideas.
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SME Jobs & Internships
Visit the latest job listings to find a position within a growing start-up business. Here stakeholder venues can publish all of the latest job or placement offerings from the abundance of businesses that use the venues. Find a position within an exciting new company and be a major part of taking it forward.
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