“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”Confucius

Connectivity & Collaboration

Growing Business Opportunities through Networking

For many small and start-up businesses large or elaborate projects can be just out of reach in terms of the scale and scope involved. This is a common theme with small business but is a theme which Edinburgh wants to grow beyond.

The funding for Edinburgh’s small businesses is heavily weighted on utilising business connections and collaboration. By forming tighter and more comprehensive business networks the Edinburgh business sector wants to change how small business works. No longer isolated pockets of intellect but as part of a greater network of interweaving businesses, business support services, affordable collaborative venues and university funded business initiatives.

Supporting Innovation

The funding and venue availability for developing businesses has grown dramatically in Edinburgh. As the city has moved to establish itself as a hub for small business growth and success, a great deal of investment has gone into supporting and developing these businesses.

Shared Office Space

Edinburgh’s unique arrangement of shared office space in a host of spectacular venues provides the solid platform upon which the small business initiative is built. These venues offer the assistance, investment and scope of tech and creative businesses to develop strong connections and collaborative ventures between hosted companies.

Small businesses can form ties with other complimentary start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs and business investors in a connective way that simply cannot be facilitated by other business infrastructures.

Working with the Universities and Colleges

A key feature of Edinburgh’s business infrastructure is the involvement of some of the city’s leading educational institutions. By working closely with businesses, students and graduates from Edinburgh College, The University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret University and Napier University have the opportunity to put their skills to practical use.

The plus size of this for businesses is a greater pool of talent, access to some state of the art facilities and the ability to form ties and attend events within the university scope.

Finding the Right Events

The range of events available through Interspace’s stakeholder venues provide small businesses with access to enhanced training and skills development seminars, networking events and funding initiatives. All of these benefits can help small businesses to grow and develop cross-industry ties and collaborative opportunities which in turn improve a small business’ potential and ability to grow and succeed.