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Knowing Your Funding Options

There are a variety of different funding options available to small businesses so it is important to know what options are available that your business could be eligible. There are many different kinds of support available and some will be far more effective for your business dependent on your current circumstances.

Industry Funding

Due to certain initiatives in place, some funding opportunities are directed at strengthening certain industries. As such you might want to consider looking into any specific opportunities which are available to your industry. This way you will be applying from a smaller cross-section giving you a stronger position for application.

Some sources of funding for early stage companies include LINC Scotland and the Scottish Investment Bank.

Grants and Benefits on Start Up

There are a wide variety of options available for start-up businesses so it can be important to get an understanding of the support available before or at the early stages of forming your company. Some grants are applicable only if a business has been formed in the last year while others are more robust.

In any case, knowing the funding and financing options available to you is crucial.

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