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Employ.ed for PhDs

University of Edinburgh launches an employablity scheme for its PHD community.

One of the aims outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan (2012-2016) is to provide a larger range of opportunities for PhD students to strengthen their employability. The Internships Team at the Careers Service has therefore recently launched the Employ.ed for PhDs programme focussing on project-based part-time PhD internships.
The programme is open to anybody who feel they have a suitable project or projects they would like completed by one of our PhD students. The internships should be project based, fixed-term contracts over a 4 to 12 month period, based on 6 hours per week. We would expect the students to be paid on an hourly basis and further details are available through the Internships Team.

If you think you can benefit from the support of a PhD student, please get in touch with Sigrid Fischer, Internships Coordinator University of Edinburgh, via email sigrid.fischer@ed.ac.uk

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