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Getting to Know… “Own It”

With such a plethora of business support services available throughout the city it can be useful to offer a bit more depth in terms of some of the services available to Edinburgh businesses. Today we put the spotlight on “Own It”, an intellectual property advice service for the creative sector. Affiliated with the University of the Arts London, Own It focus on the protection of branding, intellectual property and copyrighting within the creative industry. This branches across many services ranging from music and photography to filmmaking, software ownership, graphic design and many, many more. It can be difficult for business to become established, so creating a concrete ownership of your creative services can often be overlooked. As a result Own It is a great resource for understanding where exactly you do stand when it comes to ownership and distribution of your artistic and creative endeavours.

Get Help With…

  • How copyright works
  • Protection of invention
  • Protection of your company or brand name
  • Online ownership and rights
  • Being credited for your work

Find out more about protecting your intellectual property at the Own It website.

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