“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”Ronald Reagan

Business Talent & Innovation

Innovate in Edinburgh

As one of the UK’s fastest growing cities for technically and creatively skilled individuals, Edinburgh is creating a market for exciting start-up businesses. In addition to home grown talent the city is also attracting more skilled, educated individuals capable of driving these start-ups forward. Due to the fantastic opportunities for start-ups and small businesses to grow, the need for new skilled staff is ever-present.

The result of this is the development of an expansive pool of local, national and international talent looking to find jobs or establish their own businesses within the technical and creative sectors.

Business through Education

One of the key components in developing and nurturing this wealth of talent are the Universities and their variety of business-centric initiatives.

Edinburgh has always had a reputation for enlightening through education and in this modern age this comes in the form of individuals with great technical skill and the business acumen to match.

The Universities’ investment in enhancing Edinburgh’s business reputation does not end there. Within Interspace there are a variety of University funded initiatives which focus on preparing modern entrepreneurs for business, matching companies with talent and providing venues and services to enable small businesses and students to flourish in Edinburgh’s growing innovative sectors.

Have a look at the latest jobs boards to find talented staff or find a venue that has great businesses with which to collaborate. The ability to work and network with individuals and experienced business owners and entrepreneurs is what makes Interspace a fantastic opportunity for your business.